Sat 1st May 2004


SVG Green Party calls for the introduction of recycling and for SVG to be zero-waste by 2025

Our environment is extremely precious and needs to be respected and treated with care. The protection and preservation of our physical environment is critical to our survival and lifestyle. We are blessed in SVG by having a good source of water, clean air in most places, lush fertile land and beautiful coastlines. SVG Green Party believes it is necessary that we all care for our environment and look after our ecosystem and biodiversity. We need to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions as a country and actively participate in the global struggle against climate change.

We cannot afford to keep dumping so much of our waste in landfill sites. There will be leaching and pollution of water courses and we will run out of sites to bury the rubbish. Where will the next landfill or dumpsite be? Would you want it next to your house? Much of our waste can be recycled and we should start doing so immediately. Countries such as Holland have been recycling household waste for 35 years. If you take out items such as glass, paper, tins, plastics, batteries and compostable foodstuffs from your bin, you will find that your 'real' amount of waste is severely reduced. We must move towards a strategy of zero waste - stopping the use landfill and incineration and focus on reducing, reusing and recycling. This could be achieved in SVG within 20-30 years with the development of new technology and a committed approach. We will put in place legislative, educative and other measures to achieve zero-waste by 2025. SVG Green Party will:

• ensure the use of the three 'R's, reduce the amount of rubbish we create; recycle what we don't need; and reuse items rather than continually buying new ones;
• revise the disposal of white goods so they are not buried;
• say no to any incineration of rubbish for health reasons;
• start a door-to-door collection of recyclable waste such as paper, plastics, glass, tins, and batteries;
• ensure more composting.

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