Mon 18th Aug 2014


water bills too high

SVG Green Party calls for changes to the water and electricity bills

The high expense of water bills and electricity bills is seriously and negatively impacting upon the lives of the poor in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

For example, a recent bill an elderly person received had a consumption charge for actual water used of only $3.84, yet the elderly person was charged an additional $14.00 for the Basic Water Charge and $11.00 Environmental Fee. The additional charges of $25.00 were 87% of a total water bill of $28.84. This is outrageous and a gross injustice.

Many households are having their water and electricity cut off as the cost is so high.

SVG Green Party calls on the ULP government to implement the following changes to the water and electricity bills.

(a) Remove the monthly Solid waste/Environmental Fee of $11.00 from the water bill and transfer it to an $11.00 charge on the departure tax at all SVG airports for flights leaving SVG.

(b) Make the fuel surcharge financial statistics and calculations, as set out in the Fuel Surcharge Act No 8 of 1974, transparent and publish them each month. Publish the total number of gallons of fuel purchased by VINLEC in supplying the said units of electricity, the price paid per gallon for the fuel, and the sum of the said number of gallons multiplied by the price paid by VINLEC in October of 1973 and divided by the total number of units sold.

VINLEC should not hide the fuel surcharge rate calculations from the public.

Ivan O'Neal BSc(Hons), MSc, MBA
Leader and co-founder SVG Green Party

cc: His Excellency the Governor General of SVG
Hon. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
Hon. Leader of the Opposition
President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
President of the Christian Council
Hon. Governor of the OECS Central Bank

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