Thu 2nd Jul 2015

SVG Green Party sympathy to families in Coles Hill, North Leeward

The Leader of SVG Green Party, Mr Ivan O’Neal, and the Executive of SVG Green Party are deeply saddened by the awful motor vehicle accident in Coles Hill, North Leeward, on 28 June 2015, which took the precious lives of three of our Vincentian brothers and sisters from Coles Hill.

We are very concerned that a male resident in the Coles Hill area, who expressed his sympathy on television, said that the back wall which was needed, would not be built until there was a serious motor accident in the area.

The hopeless ULP regime apparently has no revenue to build the back walls desperately needed in Fancy, North Windward and Coles Hill, North Leeward, to prevent the awful motor vehicle accidents that have caused pain and sufferings to many families, but goes out of its way to grant tax exemptions to Taiwan and the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan.

We need an end to the selfishness and greed of Taiwan and the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan. Vincentians have suffered enough tragedies caused by the SVG Treasury not having enough revenue to meet the needs of the people of SVG. Taiwan and the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan must pay tax or they must pack their bags and go back to where they come from.

May those who died in the Coles Hill motor accident rest in peace.

Ivan O’Neal BSc hons, MSc, MBA
Leader and co-founder of SVG Green Party

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