Wed 4th Nov 2015


More sabotage at the home of SVG Green Party Leader, Mr Ivan O’Neal

For about one week, ending 4 November 2015, the Leader of SVG Green Party, Mr Ivan O’Neal, had very dangerous electricity delivered to his private residence in Harmony Hall by VINLEC.

On Tuesday 3 November 2015, someone told Mr Ivan O’Neal that he saw sparks and smoke coming from VINLEC’s electricity pole, just outside Mr Ivan O’Neal’s residence.

An electrician, called in by Mr Ivan O’Neal, made a number of checks and confirmed that the neutral and positive wires were both carrying electricity, but the source of the fault could not be located.

VINLEC was called to ascertain the cause of the electricity problem. The VINLEC engineers discovered that the neutral electricity cable from VINLEC’s pole to Mr Ivan O’Neal’s residence had been disconnected by someone unknown and left to dangle.

VINLEC engineers also confirmed that both the neutral and positive wires into Mr Ivan O’Neal’s residence were carrying live electricity, causing the neutral and the positive wires in his house to be both live at the same time. This could have caused electrocution of Mr Ivan O’Neal or other persons in his residence, or an electric fire which could have burned down his residence.

In October 2015, persons committed another act of sabotage at Mr Ivan O’Neal’s residence by damaging Mr Ivan O’Neal’s election vehicle.

Mr Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA
Leader and Co-founder of SVG Green Party

CC: SVG Commissioner of Police
Board of Directors of VINLEC

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