Fri 27th Nov 2015


SVG Green Party 2015 manifesto

SVG Green Party launched its 2015 manifesto at its Head Office in Calder, South Windward, on Wednesday 25th November 2015. Paper copies can be obtained from SVG Green Party Leader, Mr Ivan O’Neal or other SVG Green Party candidates.

SVG Green Party puts forward this manifesto as the best way to create thousands of new jobs and prosperity for our people and strengthen our dying economy. Focusing on education, science, exports, technology and innovation is the only way our country will become a rich nation and the only way we will significantly reduce poverty and reduce unemployment.

Under Mr Ivan O’Neal’s competent and visionary leadership, SVG Green Party pledges to abolish the economic apartheid, get rid of the parasitic Taiwanese, set up a joint-venture tuna fishing and canning industry with China to create hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our country and tax the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan.

We pledge also to create thousands of new jobs, ban the sale of land to foreigners, rejuvenate banana and the rest of agriculture, build factories, reduce the price of water and electricity by 50%, ensure food security, abolish VAT, build a science and technology university and bring free wi-fi internet access.

We have an obligation, each one of us, every man, woman and child, to complete the task that our forefathers started, to make this country strong and a place where all our children can get a university education, our people can get long-term, secure jobs and our people can feel safe in their homes and communities.

Our country is in crisis: SVG has a dangerously weak economy, the third highest rate of rape per capita in the world, high unemployment, high crime, too many taxes, too many children leaving school uneducated, high public debt, thousands of households in poverty, thousands of households without mains water and electricity and nationwide dismay and despair.

The country is mash up and we need change. It is time to choose a new path so our people can have a
brighter future. At the next election, it’s not just a case of voting for the party of the red or the party of the green, it’s about who can deliver a strong economy. An SVG Green Party / NDP coalition can manage the country better.

It is only with a strong economy that we can create jobs for the jobless, bring prosperity to those in
poverty, provide opportunity to those in despair, and bring happiness, true happiness, to those who have suffered years of dismay and hardship under the incompetent ULP regime.

We must be industrious in producing more food and other products for ourselves; industrious in educating our children to university level; and industrious in rebuilding our nation’s pride and the self-esteem of our people.

By being industrious, we will create thousands of new jobs, see the emergence of hundreds of entrepreneurs and new small businesses, and keep more money in SVG with import substitution.

On election day, vote Green Party, put your X next to the telephone. Let us build a brighter future for our people and children together.

May God bless you and may God bless SVG.

Mr Ivan O’Neal BSc(Hons.), MSc, MBA
Leader and co-founder of SVG Green Party

Download pdf: svggreenparty_manifesto2014_2015.pdf

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