Tue 16th Aug 2016

Open letter to the International Civil Aviation Organization

 10th August 2016


International Civil Aviation Organization
999 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard
H3C 5H7

Open letter to the International Civil Aviation Organization

Dear Sir / Madam,


We are deeply concerned about the serious flight safety hazards at Argyle Airport and seek your advice.

The Argyle Airport was built without the mandatory five year continuous wind study of the Argyle Airport site. Is this not a flight safety hazard?

There is a bird island in the path of take-off and final approach to landing at Argyle Airport, which can lead to bird strikes on the aircrafts engines. This can cause an aircraft to crash.

The width of Argyle Airport runway is only half the required width for an instruments runway making landing and take-off in bad weather very dangerous. Is this not a death trap?

Given that the runway is only half the required width for an instruments runway – making landing and take-off in bad weather conditions dangerous - can Argyle Airport meet the required 95% usability factor?

The runway is very narrow and perpendicular to the strong, gusty crosswinds. An aircraft coming in to land in very strong and dangerous crosswinds can easily be blown off the narrow runway into the hills. Is this not a death trap?

There is a considerable amount of flood water under the runway. The flood water can compromise the integrity of the runway and cause the runway to break up when a B747, with a weight of 400 tonnes, lands on the runway. Is this not a death trap?

The Argyle Airport site is subjected to continuous sea spray and the salt pollution can adversely affect aircrafts parked at or frequently using the airport. This is a flight safety hazard.

In the event of a passenger aircraft accident at Argyle Airport, there is no hospital facility in St. Vincent to care for the volume of people on a jumbo jet. Can Argyle Airport be given a licence to operate passenger flights without adequate medical facilities?

There are two large fuel tanks situated close to the public road, close to each other and very close to the passenger air terminal. Is this not a death trap like Dusseldorf airport?

In my opinion Argyle Airport should not be granted a licence to operate as there are many major flight safety and passenger safety hazards.

We ask that the ICAO sends a team of ICAO experts to inspect the Argyle airport to assess the risks and hazards at the site. Passengers have a right to adequate safety.


Mr Ivan O’Neal BSc (Hons), MSc, MBA
Leader and Co-founder of SVG Green Party

CC: His Excellency, the Governor General of SVG
President of the World Bank
President of the International Monetary Fund
Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank
EU Ambassador to Barbados
USA Ambassador to Barbados
UK Ambassador to Barbados
OECS Aviation Authority
SVG Minister of Aviation
SVG Hon Leader of the Opposition

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